The System That Attracts More Customers For Your Business


Easy to create coupon for marketing via social media and mix channels.


Ready to sell coupon and receive payment via PayPal, Stripe and more payment.

Discount Type

Offer discounts in two formats: fixed value (e.g. $15 OFF) or percentage value (e.g. 15% OFF).

E-Voucher Management

Monitor transactions in detail and track voucher redemption rates to measure the success of your campaigns.

E-Voucher Transaction Report

Determine which coupon campaign(s) bring more sales using a reporting tool that lets you monitor transactions in detail.

E-Voucher Customization

Define the expiration date, set discount values, maximum number of use, and design vouchers in your own image.

QR Code

From QR code to digital coupon with just a scan. Easier way to engage with customers.

Big Data

Data, data and data. Understand how your campaigns performance.

Fraud Free

Every coupon number is unique and non-serialised that prevent fraud.

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